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A Texas Tradition 

Our Story

Formed in the summer of 2021 by a group of motorcyclists with a passion for drag racing and grassroots motorcycle events. We Acquired the Temple Party Drags that has been a Texas tradition since 1978. We hold two motorcycle drags races a year at the oldest dragway in Texas, Little River Dragway. We're the motorcycle drag race with a grassroots rally on the side. Our goal is to grow the sport of motorcycle drag racing and have an event worthy enough for our Texas family. We raise money at each race for our charities that share our same values. 

Past Events

Going Fast, Having a Blast

SchultzPhoto_20220522_LittleRiver_RaceofHonor_2519 (1).jpg
SchultzPhoto_20220522_LittleRiver_RaceofHonor_2711 (1).jpg
SchultzPhoto_20220522_LittleRiver_RaceofHonor_2689 (1).jpg

Temple Harley Drags 21

Little River Dragway

Little River Race of Honor

Little River Dragway

Temple Harley Drags 22

Little River Dragway